Officer Selection Criteria
To be considered and to maintain an Officer Position within CS you must as a player possess a majority of the following qualities:
• Have at least one character within the kin at level cap (100)
• Be a regular active player (Minimum gameplay per week is 4 hours unless on vacation or via prior arrangement with the kin leader)
• Willingness to help other kin members with quests, acquisition of items for lower levels and focus your time equally to all kin members requiring help.
• Development of character in all areas this includes tasks, quests, crafting, exploration, levelling, skirmishes and even raids.
• Must be nominated by at least 3 kin members to be considered for a promotion recommendation.
• Hold at least one Master of the Guild at maximum tier (Crafting)
• Must be registered on Corruption Syndicate Website.
• Minimum level 30 for all Officer characters.

Officer Instatement
• Existing Officers then will vote in the nominated person with all in vote to pass.
• The kin leader retains all veto powers.

Now that you've been promoted to Officer!
In order to maintain our unique personality some basic requirements are necessary to maintain our impeccable standard as a kin.
Remember as an officer the kin rules and officer rules both apply to you. You have been chosen by your peers as an outstanding kin member due to your very desirable qualities and above all possesing the true spirit of Corruption Syndicate team of officers.

All Corruption Syndicate (CS) Officers take their duties very seriously. All Officers must behave in an exemplary manner including whilst playing known alternate characters, after all a kin member does not see the character you are playing but the person behind it. However, it is acceptable for you to keep your alternate non Officer characters unknown to other kin members, this is at your discretion.

Officer Duties
• As an Officer you look out for your other kin members. Lower level characters require nurturing and guidance. It's our job as officers to make the game play experience fun and exciting for each kin member, and above all maintain their loyalty. They may be attracted to CS for whatever reason but should want to stay with CS because of our collective personality, fun loving attitude and individuality.
• It's an Officer's responsibility to maintain Officer Storage upkeep. Once every 4 week payment shall suffice.
• Recruit new members. See Recruiting Section

Officer Demotions
• Officers may automatically be demoted if inactive for more than 30 days.
• Officers can request a demotion due to an inability to perform their duties. This will be broadcast via kin mail as a resignation.
• Once you resign as Officer any alternate officer character will also be demoted.
• Should an officer fail to meet any of the above selection criteria a demotion MAY be enforced after an individual discussion or vote amongst currently active officers.

• An existing kin member's alternatives can be recruited irrespective of race, class, rank, vocation and profession. This also applies to any real life friends a kin member has.
• After recruiting a member it is the responsibility of the recruiting officer to undertake the recruit's orientation. Starting off with a welcome to the kin mail consisting of prescribed text verbatim and a tour of the house/group play etc so the new recruit can experience our friendly and relaxed kin culture.
• Be as Welcoming as possible, please avoid situations where you recruit and log off straight afterwards.It is bad form and inhospitable.

• Each Officer is allowed to have only one other character nominated as an alternative Officer.
• Officers may not remove/boot any character from the kin at any time. If issues do arise with any players please provide chat logs to the kin leader. • CS Officers may not hold Officer/Leader positions with alternate toons in other kinships unless the Kinship is a non recruiting personal kinship.